Wednesday, 12 February 2020

2020 and the All New Room 32

Hello everyone,
Welcome to the 2020 school year.

There have been lots of changes since last year.
We said goodbye to our Year Threes.
Watched our new classroom being craned into position.
Spent the holidays continually checking on its progress and then, finally moved in, decorated and welcomed our new Year Ones.

It has already been such a busy start to the year.
We are working hard to help the Year Ones and new Year Twos settle in, setting our routines and making sure the expectations are well known.

Please note our library day is Wednesday. It is imperative that books are returned EVERY Wednesday morning. 

Next Tuesday, 18th February, 2020 is Parent Information Evening (invitations went home with your children on Wednesday 12/2/20). Our session begins in our class (Room 32) at 6.15pm. Please note that this evening is for parents/caregivers only. I ask you to please make arrangements for the supervision of your child/ren.

Congratulations goes to our Semester One Student Councillors...
Imaan and Reshan. We know they will represent Room 32 with confidence and humility.

Looking forward to an exciting year.

With much gratitude,

Monday, 11 November 2019

What a term or two!

Hello everyone,
I hope you can forgive my absence, it appears my last post did not publish and in searching has been lost in the huh!

It has been an extremely busy semester and even busier start to the term.
You may have heard we have had some visitors to our classroom of late. Wattle Grove Primary school have been working with a number of organisations to up-skill teachers on how best to cater for academically able children. We always have plenty of interest in our Mini MAC program and welcome visitors to view the model we have created. It is our hope that other children may also benefit from being catered for academically. Wattle Grove Primary has also been acknowledged for its excellence in literacy teaching and as such, we have been providing opportunities for other schools to be mentored by us in this learning area. We will continue to have visitors over the term and look forward to sharing our knowledge.


Room 23 will be swimming in weeks 7 and 8. Permission notes have been sent home.


 Booklists for 2020 have been sent home, however, I ask you to hold off ordering until we have finalised the Mini MAC and MAC classrooms for next year as they have separate booklists.

Super Scientist

The Super Scientist challenge for Term 4 is in the form of a research project. Students are to research any scientific topic then present their presentation to the class in a short presentation (2 - 5 mins). Students can use posters, charts or PowerPoint to support their presentation.

Class presentations will take place over the next two weeks.

Year level finals will be posted in our 'Notices' window once timetabled.

Students began their project last Friday during computer time, however, it is expected they will complete their project at home.

If you have any questions, please come and see me.


 Our STEM projects at the end of last term were a sight to behold! I knew I had some very clever little people in my classroom, but they never cease to amaze me with their curiosity, their creativity, their perseverance and most of all their resilience!

Thank you so much for your support over the year. It means more than you could imagine.

With much gratitude,